Fruity Loops


Bandmates Drummer - Groovebox Demo Loops  v.1.0

Features a broad array of funky, uncluttered rhythms that work well in rap, hip-hop and cross-genre environments.

Bandmates Loop Pack 3.0 for GarageBand  v.1.0

This loop pack contains 15 loops for Garageband.


Bandmates Free Loop Pack 008  v.1.0

This months loops are an extremely versatile collection of "downtempo" drum loops.

Bandmates Free Loop Pack 6 for GarageBand  v.1.0

This set of free loops will give you a sneak peak into some of our upcoming products!

Bandmates Guitar Player - Acoustic Guitar  v.1.0

Gives GarageBand musicians their own premium range of rock-oriented grooves, strums and riffs.

Bandmates Synth Player - Padtastik  v.1.0

Straight from the world of high-powered studio production.

Bandmates Drummer - Raw Beat  v.1.0

If you need classic "old-skool" boom in your GarageBand tune, BandmatesDrummer - Raw Beat is ideal.

Bandmates Synth Player - MegaSynth  v.1.0

In fact, synths today are so prevalent and expected in most projects that not having them somewhere is readily noticeable.

Polyvoks Station VSTi  v.1 4

Polyvoks Station is created on base of the legend soviet synthesizer Polivoks. Polivoks is the portable electronic musical synthesizer which is designed for playing different musical compositions of any genre.

SyncerSoft SubsTractor VSTi  v.1 3

SyncerSoft SubsTractor VSTi is an analog-type polyphonic synthesizer based on subtractive synthesis, the method used in analog synthesizers.

Country Codes  v.2 7

Country Codes is a small database of country codes and additional information for more than 250 countries.

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